23-3-2021 Designborrel

Are you also suffering from a terrible case of Not Having Clothes That You Designed Yourself-Disease? I personally regularly have spent many a sleepness night because of this grave issue. However, there is a chance to resolve this with drumroll … the moved deadline for entering your design for the Eureka merch line for this year! Now you have until march 29th to send in your design to Merchandise@sveureka.nl . Will this years T-shirts feature a happy image, a Freudian nightmare, terrible meme, or all of the above? It is up to you!

Do you want to design something but you still have no clue what you want to make? Same here! That’s why on tuesday march 23rd at 19:30 we’ll be hosting a digital get together with the purpose of giving eachother some ideas and just digitally drawing with your Eureka buddies. The Mercie is already excited for this fun night, so we hope that you’ll join us in drawing/painting/modelling/interpretative dancing our way to the next design for Eureka’s new mercheandise!