27-10-2021 Curriculum Q&A

Dear (New) Honours Students!

We hope you had a warm welcome and an engaging start of the HHP. You’ve probably learned a lot in the first block of the programme – about your discipline as well as the Honours Programme – but you might still have some remaining questions regarding the trajectory of the programme, or your upcoming projects and courses.

The Onderwijscommissie/Curriculum Committee and SV Eureka are therefore hosting a Q&A session on Wednesday, October 27th at 15.15, where you can ask any open questions, or hear about some experiences from previous Honours students. This might come in handy if you’re thinking about your potential portfolio activities, or the upcoming tutorial project (Terreinverkenning II) you will begin to work on in Block 2 – but any questions are welcome! The students there will be happy to share their experiences and tips.

You can come by in person at Drift 21, Room 1.08, or join us online with this Teams link

Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have any more questions, send them to t.rauch@students.uu.nl!

Theresa & Chrit

Student members of the Onderwijscommissie