27-4-2021 Spring Drinks

It is spring, and that means it is time for spring beer! On Tuesday 27 April at 20:30 it is time again for online drinks, this time with a spring theme. Many large beer brands have a lentebock, but local breweries (like De Leckere) sometimes have lentebock too. Are you in the mood for a fun evening? Drink a refreshing beer or any other delicious drink with us and celebrate spring!

Eureka x Unicef

Dear Eurekans, are you also going to be bored in reflection week or do you just need to blow off some steam? During the week of April 12 to 18, we will be participating with Eureka in UNICEF’s Virtual Sport Challenge. Eureka has organised an event: we will run in pairs for our own digital sponsor run. You can choose whether you want to walk, run, or a combination of the two. You can sign up with a Eureka buddy or alone, in which case we will pair you up with a fellow Eureka. Together with your buddy you will try to run as many kilometers as possible and the duo that has covered the most kilometers at the end of the week will get a prize. So can you use some karma points, can you use the extra exercise and/or do you want some quality time with your Eureka buddy? Then run for UNICEF and register via the registration form. The deadline for signing up is April 11. If you would like to join after that, you can send me a message.

24-5-2021 EBC Satyrica

Hi everyone, for the month of May, the book club is reading Satyricon, a Roman novel from the first century, probably written by Gaius Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon was a reaction to the then popular love stories. Instead of the classic romantic couple, it focused on a trio from the lower regions of Roman society. The novel has been preserved in various medieval manuscripts. A critical edition appeared for the first time in 1664 and since then the work has been translated into many languages. It is considered one of the classics of Western literature! On 24 May at 19:30, the book will be discussed by the EBC, so come if you like to discuss this book

1-4-2021 GAM 1

On 1 April 2021, the first General Assembly Meeting of the year will take place. We are going to talk about all kinds of exciting topics, and it is going to be great fun again. Haven’t seen the email with the documents yet? It could be that it ended up in your spam filter, so check them out and come to the GAM on April 1st at 19:00 ( walk-in from 18:45)!

7-4-2021 Wednesday Night Movie Night

After the stress of deadlines and exams, do you feel like watching a violent, suspenseful film that has received rave reviews? Wednesday 7 April at 19:30 we will watch No Country for Old men, summed up by the New York Times as “bleak, scary and relentlessly violent”. The film is about Llewelyn Moss who is hunted by a ruthless killer (played by Javier Bardem). Meanwhile, an ageing sheriff, who is also dealing with his own problems, tries to find and protect Moss. Come and watch it, don’t forget to download the Teleparty extension in Chrome.

23-3-2021 Designborrel

Are you also suffering from a terrible case of Not Having Clothes That You Designed Yourself-Disease? I personally regularly have spent many a sleepness night because of this grave issue. However, there is a chance to resolve this with drumroll … the moved deadline for entering your design for the Eureka merch line for this year! Now you have until march 29th to send in your design to Merchandise@sveureka.nl . Will this years T-shirts feature a happy image, a Freudian nightmare, terrible meme, or all of the above? It is up to you!

Do you want to design something but you still have no clue what you want to make? Same here! That’s why on tuesday march 23rd at 19:30 we’ll be hosting a digital get together with the purpose of giving eachother some ideas and just digitally drawing with your Eureka buddies. The Mercie is already excited for this fun night, so we hope that you’ll join us in drawing/painting/modelling/interpretative dancing our way to the next design for Eureka’s new mercheandise!

25-3-2021 Portfolio brainstorm

Are you not sure yet what kind of activity you want to do for your portfolio? Or are you full of ideas, but are not sure how to execute them? Come to the Eureka portfolio brainstorm! There will be a number of experienced HHP students, there will be someone from Studium Generale, a platform for organising events, and student assistants will come to tell you about societal internships. This is the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions, get ideas and get to know people who can help you. We look forward to seeing you there on Thursday 25 March from 15:00 until 17:00 in the Eureka Teams!

17-3-21 Debateendjes election debate extravaganza

The national election is coming up on march 17th. As always, this brings with it several debates where parties try to win over voters by fighting in the gladiatoral arena of rethorics. Eurekea’s very own debate comittee has thought about these battles of words and wits, and we think we can do a significantly better job!

That’s why we will be having our very own election debate wensday march 17th at 19:30. Everyone who wants to join in plays the role of a random political party. (If you don’t know what that party’s positions are, don’t worry, we will provide a short summary with their most important convictions and plans.) Everyone will get a couple of minutes to prepare, after which we will debate as members of our assigned parties on several divisive issues. Are you a real FvDude or rather a Bij1-believer? Let’s find out at the Debateendjes election debate extravaganza!

18-3-21 Wellbeing workshop

Dear everyone, the well-being trainers of the humanities faculty, in cooperation with the board and Jeanne, have organised a well-being training specially for HHP students on 18 March from 15:00 to 17:00. The well-being trainers give workshops that teach you how to deal with performance pressure, making choices and stress. In a small group, these themes will be discussed in an (inter)active way and you will be given tools to help you during your studies and beyond. We have tailor-made such a workshop for Eureka students and hope that this will be of extra benefit to you. There is a registration form, because we will work in pairs, but do not hesitate to come if you have not registered or if you are 5 minutes late. Everyone is welcome.


15-3-21 and 19-4-21 EBC March and April

Hi everyone, for the month of March, the EBC will meet on Monday 15 March at 19.30 and read two poetry collections: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. These beautiful collections are from different times and cultures, which can be compared. These are of course two collections, but fortunately Song of Myself by Walt Whitman can also be found online for free at https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45477/song-of-myself-1892-version.

For the month of April, the classic novel Lolita by Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov will be read. This award-winning novel from 1955 is about a professor who is in love with a 12-year-old girl and will do anything to have her. Is he in love or insane? A poet with a silver tongue or a pervert? A tortured soul or a monster? Or is he all of those things? Come to the book club on 19 April at 19:30 to discuss this award-winning book!