Confidential Advisor

Your study days are fun, interesting, dynamic and inspiring. However, it can also be tiring, stressful, disorientating and a source of insecurity. With all the recent attention for student wellbeing, it becomes clear that problems among your co-students are more prevalent than you might have thought and that it is very normal to experience something similar.

As an honours student, you often dive even deeper into your studies. This can feel very rewarding, but it can also cause issues such as additional stress or conflicts. Therefore, SV Eureka has a counsellor to support and offer guidance to all members of Eureka when personal or interpersonal issues are at play. You can think of the following examples:

  • You feel bullied or unsafe within the community or the lecture halls
  • You experience anxiety just thinking about your honours thesis
  • A situation within your family or group of friends is preventing you from studying
  • Teachers do not accommodate you properly in regards to your function impairment
  • Fights have occurred within your commission
  • You experience more negative than positive emotions
  • Your assignments are piling up and you cannot make sense of it all anymore
  • You just want to have a talk with someone

Do you recognise any of these issues or is there anything else you would like to discuss? Do not hesitate to contact me, the counsellor!

My name is Jeanne, I am currently enrolled in my last year of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a specialisation in Applied Ethics. I have been pottering about at SV Eureka for a while now and have
become familiar with the different parts and challenges of the honours programme. Furthermore, I
have experience with mediation and can prepare a nice pot of green tea to accommodate a personal
Do not think your worries are too small or unimportant! You are always welcome to start a
conversation and explore which possibilities there are to support you. Often, there is a lot more
possible than you initially think.

or find my phone number in the Whatsappgroup of Eureka

A couple of links for orientation:

General links for student wellbeing at the UU
Guidance and advice at a general university level
The Student Psychologist
Workshops to tackle personal problems, organised by the UU