Requesting a budget from the HHP

The Humanities honours programme has a budget to finance the activities of its students. Every HHP-student can claim a part of this budget for activities, as long as that activity is academically sound. The activity must also contribute to the honours-community. To access this money two forms must be completed:


2. The C1 expense claim form of Utrecht University, which can be downloaded from this webpage.

Two steps are needed to request financial assistance. First you e-mail the Financiële-bijdrage-HHP-aanvraagformulier to Judith Lavrijssen. ( This form must be filled in with all the information that is requested in the form. You are also required to budget the estimated costs in an Excel file and send it together with the form to this e-mail. The budget you make does not have to be complicated. It is only necessary to state which costs you expect to make for what purpose. Include therefore a short statement in the file explaining the purpose of the activity, and explain why this activity is relevant for the HHP.

If the HHP approves your request for financial assistance, and the event has taken place as planned, then you can complete the declaration file, the declaratieformulier UU, and send it to Linda van Ouwerkerk ( and the ASC (

You complete this Excel file by filling in the cost of the activity and some standard elements. These standard elements are:

  • faculteit/dienst (Faculty/service):

Fill in: Geesteswetenschappen

  • Bedrijfsnummer (company number):

Fill in: 064 (this should be automatic if you fill in the name of the faculty

  • WBS element:

Fill in: GW.000487.1.1

  • faculty contact/service

Fill in: L.B. van Ouwerkerk

Next step is to save this form as a PDF file.

Also include the receipts in the final PDF file. 

You can join the declaration and the receipts together with the website

After mailing this document you get the compensation that the university has promised.

Be mindful that the university administration can be slow at times.

If the HHP does not have enough money available to support the activity, or if you are promised less money than is needed fort he activity, you can contact SV Eureka for financial assistance. We also have a budget for individual activities organised by students, and we can help you to acquire the money needed from different student funds. Contact us at Do you have further questions about submitting your request for a budget, and/or the declaration form, send an e-mail to or ask someone of our board.