Reserving a room for an activity

For most activities, one of the UU rooms is the best location. In addition to their convenient location, they can be booked free of charge. Unfortunately it is no longer allowed to eat in classrooms, so don’t do this, otherwise the association could be in big trouble. If you need a room for an event, you can easily request it through the Humanities Education Secretariat ( Use the example e-mail below and be as complete as possible. Indicate if you need specific facilities such as a beamer. Indicate in the address line of the e-mail that it concerns a request for a study room. The UU uses timeslots for the reservation of rooms, so look in the schedule below for which timeslot you need and do not specify the time, but the timeslot.

Communication should be done in Dutch, so please ask the board or your committee for help if you need it.


Geachte (of beste) meneer/mevrouw, 

Namens SV Eureka zou ik graag een aanvraag doen voor een zaal voor (ACTIVITEIT) op (DATUM).

  • Datum: (DATUM)
  • Tijd: (TIJD IN TIJDSLOT VAN UU, GEEN TIJDEN, zie de timeslots hieronder) 
  • Aantal personen: (HOEVEELHEID PERSONEN)

Hartelijk bedankt (of met vriendelijke groet),


The timeslots at the moment are as follows:

If you run into problems with your application for a UU space or if you need help in finding another location (e.g. because you are serving food during the activity), the board can always help you, send an email to