Steps and tips for organising an activity

On this page you will find a short step-by-step plan and some loose tips to help you with organizing an activity.

(Basic) step-by-step plan

1.            Think about your activity and what you will need. Do you need to arrange a specific location, do you need speakers, do you need funding from the HHP or Eureka?

2.            Arrange the things that need to be arranged for your activity.Keep in mind that things take time, for example apply for funding, a location and speakers well in time, assume at least two to three weeks.

3.            Send a short description of your event, including the date and location, to the Internal Commissioner. This will ensure that the event is promoted on the website, Facebook and the Whatsapp. You can choose to create the banner and promotional text yourself, but this will also be done with pleasure. You can send it in via Whatsapp or to DO THIS AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR ACTIVITY TAKES PLACE. Then there will be plenty of time for the promotion.

4.            Organise your activity.

5.            Send photos to the internal commissioner, take care of the financial processing and enjoy the afterglow!

Loose tips

– Always keep your receipts or scan them immediately, without a receipt you can’t get your money back, whether you get your funding from Eureka or the HHP.

– Handy places to meet are for example the room next to the Eureka room (which can be reserved by signing the form on the door) or the rooms in the UB which can be reserved via

– If you need help, you can always contact the board during office hours, or by sending an e-mail to

– If you like your activity, you can always write a text about it on the honours blog. To do so, send an email to – If you have invited speakers for an activity, it is good to arrange a gift, this does not have to be extensive or expensive, a bar of chocolate or something similar shows that you appreciate their help.