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SV Eureka

Study Association Humanities Honours Programme Utrecht


We have various committees within SV Eureka. Being part of a committee is very fun and offers an amazing learning experience! All our committees can be viewed via this site. In principle, becoming a member of a committee is always possible, unless a committee is full.

If you have an idea for a separate activity, feel free to email the committee, contact someone or put it in the “Large Idea Box” in the room! Would you like to join a committee? Then email to bestuur[at], or speak to one of the board members. 


The ArtCie organizes activities that allow Eurekans to enjoy the wonderful world of art and unleash their artistic impulses! We've organized open mics, knitting workshops and Bob Ross painting sessions, and we hold regular granny afternoons where you can come to the Eureka room to eat biscuits and work on your projects.


The activities committee organizes a lot of different activities. The committee has organized general activities that are mainly aimed at community building and do not fit within the framework of other Eureka committees. For example they have organized a canoe trip for Pride month and a Griftpark Games evening.

Dorks & Deadlines

The Dorks & Deadlines committee organizes Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and activities around other games, from Scrabble to Magic: the Gathering to Call of Cthulhu! We organize about one activity per month, and we always try to ensure that even someone who has never touched a die can join in!

Eureka Book Club

EBC stands for Eureka Book Club, a committee that should of course not be missed within the Honors community! Every month we meet in Café Marktzicht to discuss that month's book, including tasty snacks and drinks of course. It is not only an opportunity to finally express your opinions about that one book, but also to have a pleasant evening with fellow Eurekans. You are welcome to join every month, occasionally or even just once. If you participate more often, you can pick out a book to read together and it will be added to the list.


The ExcurCie organizes… well, excursions! Any activity that involves visiting a location falls within our domain, although we mainly organize excursions to museums, exhibitions, galleries and the like. For example, we visited an exhibition of 16th- and 17th-century Flemish paintings in the Museum Catharijneconvent and an exhibition of Ai Weiwei's works in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organizes the introduction activities at the beginning of the academic year. The most important thing here is the first plenary meeting, where the new members are really introduced to the HHP for the first time. They also organize various activities around a self-determined theme. They offer new honors students the opportunity to get to know each other and the association.



The next (second) Katimba will take place in 2026! That is our word for Lustrum. The idea behind this is that in our postcolonial academic community the dominance of Latin words such as lustrum needs to be challenged. The KatimbaCo organizes all kinds of super fun activities to celebrate Eureka's five-year anniversary. It also coordinates Katimba activities and distributes the money from the Katimba fund among the other committees.


The MerCie makes all SV Eureka merchandise. So far, t-shirts, mugs and two types of sweaters have already been made with a beautiful Eureka logo, so the ambitions are clearly high! Do you have fantastic ideas for products or a great creative design in mind? Then become a member of the MerCie!


Echo is the magazine of the Humanities Honors Program. It is the platform to get your academic work published. The Echo committee forms the independent editorial staff of the magazine, which is published several times a year. The board of SV Eureka has no influence on the content of Echo, so that a free academic environment is created. The submitted papers are critically examined, the magazine is stylishly designed and the blog and site are actively maintained. Please note, the editorial staff of Echo is currently full!

Plenary Meeting Committee

The Plenary Meeting Committee organizes the plenary meetings of the Humanities Honors Programme. This is not a real committee of SV Eureka, but the association is responsible for this committee. The committee chooses the theme of the meeting, arranges the speakers and ensures a location and catering.

The PMC has a new set of members for every new plenary meeting, so if you would like to organize such an event, you can register when a call is placed in the WhatsApp group. 


The ReisCie organizes the annual Eureka trips. For example, in January 2019, Eureka went to Tallinn and Helsinki. In 2020 the ReisCie took us to Budapest and Vienna. In 2022 we traveled to Liège and in 2023 to Luxembourg! The trip can last a few days or a whole week, and is a relaxing mix of freedom to explore the cities independently and honorable activities, such as visiting universities or parliament. Of course, there are also more casual activities, such as a pub crawl, that are guaranteed to create a good atmosphere in the group.

As a member of the Travel Committee you are responsible for (and during) the trip. In return you get a wonderful experience and credit for everyone's immense fun!