22-12-2021 Christmas Card Activity

It’s that time of year again to send each other Christmas cards?. Would you also like to receive a Christmas card from a fellow Eureka member? Then send an email before 22 December to artcie@sveureka.nl with the subject “Christmas card Event”. Include your postal code and address. You will then be randomly linked to another Eureka member, whose postal code and address you will receive through the mail. Don’t forget to mention in which language you want to receive your Christmas card! Would you like to be extra creative and make the Christmas card yourself? Then come make Christmas cards with the ArtCie on Wednesday, December 22 at 19.30 on MS Teams! If you are missing any craft supplies, you can claim some money from Luna for up to 3 euros. See you then!❤️

16-12-2021 Vent-moment Dark days before Christmas

This Thursday, it’s time again for a chat with Jeanne, our confidential advisor and other Eureka members. Many people look forward to the Christmas break, but sometimes it’s also a time of winter blues. How do you really relax during the break? Come chat online starting at 19.00 in the Eureka teams! ?❤️
Do you also want a goody bag with all kinds of feel good things? Sign up with this link!