22-2-2021 ArtCie Open mic

Pandemic or not: this year there’s another ArtCie Open Mic Night! ???? On Monday, February 22nd, we’ll enjoy all the musicality and other creativity Eureka has to offer. Normally, it’s a night with a lot of music, but this year Teams is an opportunity to use other forms of presentation! You can do a live performance, or send something in. If you’re not performing yourself, you’re super welcome to join as well ?❤️ If you want to perform, please be sure to sign up using the link below. See you then!


14-2-2021 Valentine’s Day: corona version

With more people feeling a bit more lonely than usual, Valentine’s Day is not fun for everyone. That is why it is time to give you fellow Eurekans a boost! And what is more fun than receiving a Valentine’s day card? Unleash your creative talents (whether that is poetry, painting or folding origami birds) and send an envelope of heart-warming love to your pen partner. And who knows, you might even make a pen pal!
Sign up before January 5th by sending an email to lenavandepoel@gmail.com with your postal code and address. You will be linked at random to another Eurekaan, whose postcode and address you will receive.

21-1-21 Vent moment: Blue Monday

Hey everyone, Monday the 18th of January is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. So it’s a good time to pay attention to well-being. That is why on Thursday the 21st of January from 19:30 until 20:30 there will be moment to vent. Would you like to talk about your good resolutions or the how you feel about the beginning of a new year? Then grab a cup of tea and join us.

19-1-2021 Tuesday drinks: pirate edition

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 5 mensen, de tekst 'EUREKY DINSDAG 19 JANUARI 20:30 EUREKA TEAMS PIRATEN BORREL'

Ahoy Mateys! Next week Tuesday the 19th of January at 20:30 tis time for online drinks. This time the Eureka-Teams will transform into a pirate ship! Pour yerself a glass o’ grog, rum or a different tasty drink and drop in to see yer mateys. See ye then! Yarrrrr

13- 1- 2021 Wednesday Movie night: Matilda

Hey everyone, next week Wednesday the 13th of January at 20:00 it’s time for the first movie night of 2021! This time we will watch Matilda, a feel-good movie about an intelligent young girl who turns out to have a special power. So join us Wednesday on MS Teams for a wholesome movie night!