24-5-2021 Who is the Mole teaser activity

Who … Is … The mole??? The Wie Is De Mol (WIDM) committee has stayed underground for a long time, but it’s finally time to make ourselves known and reveal the cool things we have planned! Due to all the COVID-restrictions, the WIDM-weekend is delayed, it is now planned for October. More on that later! For now … a wonderful teaser to get a taste of the action, games and fun! On Whit Monday, May 24, we are going to organise an afternoon in Utrecht, where you can flaunt all of your WIDM-talents. It’s a quest – a search for a location. Which group can complete the games the fastest and be the first to find out the final destination? It promises to be a day full of excitement and sensation, you can already taste a drop of what our WIDM-weekend-cocktail is going to be like! ? Register here before May 17: tinyurl.com/widmactiviteit. You can also sign up in a duo! Then we will keep you informed about what the day will look like and where you will be expected… ?️‍♀️?️‍♂️