Eureka x Unicef

Dear Eurekans, are you also going to be bored in reflection week or do you just need to blow off some steam? During the week of April 12 to 18, we will be participating with Eureka in UNICEF’s Virtual Sport Challenge. Eureka has organised an event: we will run in pairs for our own digital sponsor run. You can choose whether you want to walk, run, or a combination of the two. You can sign up with a Eureka buddy or alone, in which case we will pair you up with a fellow Eureka. Together with your buddy you will try to run as many kilometers as possible and the duo that has covered the most kilometers at the end of the week will get a prize. So can you use some karma points, can you use the extra exercise and/or do you want some quality time with your Eureka buddy? Then run for UNICEF and register via the registration form. The deadline for signing up is April 11. If you would like to join after that, you can send me a message.